Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process of energy exchange in your body from the food and water you consume into energy for your body. Metabolism occurs in two forms, catabolism and anabolism both of which are essential to survival.

Catabolism happens when the food and liquids you consume is broken down into smaller biomolecules like amino acids and glucose. Anabolism turns those biomolecules into larger ones like proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Vnex Ultra Low Frequency Wave (ULF)

The ULF resides in the lesser explored lower spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum. While scientists have discovered uses for high frequency waves for the radio and even microwaves, ULFs have been rarely used until now.

In fact, NASA has also patented the same technology for medical purposes in 2002. Following NASA’s patent filing, hundreds of medical research projects on the application of low frequency waves were done and practically all the medical reports from these projects have shown that the medical applications of low frequency waves have positive effects.

While high frequency waves vibrate at a rate of millions of times per second, lower frequencies range from hundreds to thousands. The low frequency rate allows only electrons to be enhanced while leaving radiation producing nucleus inert making ULF enhanced substances safe for consumption.

The higher energy electrons also weaken the molecular bonds in water which not only gives us more energy, but also making it easier for our bodies to process and dissipate the energy.


Health Benefits of ULF


Alleviation of Pain

Pain caused by wound and bone fracture healing, as well as operations have been proven to decrease with the use of ULF. Nitric oxide, which is responsible for sending pain signals to the brain, is modified when the wound or fracture is treated with ULF waves, causing the brain to recognise less pain.

Wound Healing

ULF waves have also been proven to be able to promote the growth of new cells and suppress inflammation. The technology also enhances cell migration, proliferation, expression of growth factors, nitric oxide signalling, cytokine modulation processes which help with recovering from skin injuries.

Skin & Collagen

As your body ages, your metabolic rate decreases as well. Your anabolic process slows down and you are less likely to generate new cells and collagen beneath the skin which in turn leads to wrinkles. ULF waves have been proven to stimulate the creation of collagen and help preserve the appearance of youth.

Bones & Cartilage

Pulsed electromagnetic fields like ULF waves have also been known to aid in bone re-growth and recovery. The ULF waves promote chondroprotective effects to protect against osteoarthritis. The waves can also enhance genes in the body responsible for bone formation to improve recovery efforts.

Uses of Vnex

Treating Water To Enhance its Cleansing Capability

Subjecting liquids like water to ULF treatment imparts more energy to it and changes the molecular arrangement of liquids. As a result, the treated liquid is more effective and efficient at cleaning.

Enhance The Taste of Food

The human ability to perceive taste is dependent on food reacting with enzymes in our saliva (which is liquid). Food and drinks that have been treated with ULF have higher vibrational energy which can be used to increase the rate of chemical reactions. Hence food and drinks that have been treated with ULF are able to react with the enzymes in saliva more efficiently, allowing the taste buds to pick up stronger taste signals. This means you do not have to use as much salt and sugar when cooking and enjoy a healthier option.

Removing the Astringent Taste in Food

Astringency is caused by tannic properties in food. Tannins serve as a fibrous layer of protection around fruits and is mostly present in fruit or vegetable products like wine. ULF treated liquids have more polarized hydrogen bonds and bind with the tannins instead of the enzymes in your saliva. This creates a smoother drinking experience for you.

Accelerating The Fermentation Process

ULF waves can also act as a more effective catalyst to promote fermentation by allowing carbon dioxide to be released faster from yeast. For example, in the making of bread, the bread dough usually has to ferment for about an hour. Using Vnex will reduce this to 15-30 minutes, depending on the type of yeast used and the minimum activation temperature ofthe yeast.


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