NameGopala                      Age69    

LocationSingapore            IllnessStroke, diabetes

Because of a stroke that I suffered, my whole body shakes; I am unable to stand firmly and I cannot stand for more than 5 minutes. For the past two years, I have been trying hard to walk and stand. I also inject insulin every day for my diabetes. Both of my eyes are affected by diabetes. My right eye has a very weak vision and my left eye has lost vision. I started to immerse my legs in water treated by the Vnex Water Energizer every night and wear the Vnex Energizing Belt twice for an hour each. After using the Vibronex products for half a year, I can already walk without a walker, and the shaking in my body has been substantially reduced. In addition, my right eye has regained vision, and my left eye has begun to see some faint light.

Name:Sandarah                    Age:82

Location: Singapore                 Illness:Stroke

I was paralyzed after suffering a stroke. I was unable to use my left leg and left hand. I had pain in my limbs and couldn’t walk. I was admitted to a nursing home. I have started to soak my feet once a week in water treated by Vnex Water Energizer and use the Vnex Energizing Belt and the Vnex Eye Energizer. Now I can chew and eat normally, and I can walk for a short period of time with crutches. I can basically take care of myself and move back home. Vnex has significantly improved my quality of life.

Name: Madam Pugee     Age: 62

Location: Singapore  Illness: Floaters

My name is Pugee and I am a diabetic. I have had cataract surgery in my eyes. For some time, my vision has floating black shadows (floaters). I went to the doctor and it didn’t help. Since I used Vnex Eye Energizer for a week, my vision has become clearer, and the shadows have become lighter. I am really happy. 

Name: Mrs Ooi  Age: 66 

Location: Singapore  Illness: High Cholesterol walk with stick; Severe Knee Pain

Before using Vibronex products, I had severe knee pain. I needed crutches to support me when I went on a long trip or climbed stairs. I started drinking water treated by the Vnex Water Energizer every day. I also used the machine to treat coffee and tea. After two months, my sleep quality had improved. I no longer need the assistance of crutches to walk and climb stairs, and I do not feel out of breath anymore. My recent physical examination results have also improved. The cholesterol index is within the ideal range; the triglyceride index has dropped from 1.88 to 1.56, and the blood glucose index has dropped from 6.9 to 6.6.

Name: Mr Wang  Age: 51

Location: Fujian Xiamen, China  Illness: Had a heart stent surgery, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, blood pressure index exceeded

My name is Wang Rong Biao. Two months ago, a friend in Xiamen introduced this product, Vnex Water Energizer to me. At that time, I was very skeptical of it. Nonetheless, I followed his instructions after he taught me how to use the product. Every morning, I would use Vnex Water Energizer to treat two glasses of water for my wife and I to drink. Every evening after work, I would also drink two glasses of treated water. After two months, a huge change occurred with my skin condition, immune system and my heart condition. This routine has had the largest impact on my immune system. Previously, due to long term fatigue, my glycerin index, cholesterol levels and blood pressure were all in the unhealthy range. My glycerin index was more than 5, while my blood lipid level was higher than 3. My blood pressure was high, with the systolic pressure at 170 and the diastolic pressure at 80. Additionally, I had heart conditions and had undergone a heart stent surgery. After using this product, I was thrilled with the results. In the short span of two months, my glycerin index decreased to the range of 4 plus, while my blood lipid decreased to be in the range of 2 plus. My blood pressure has also improved and is now normal, with the systolic pressure at 137 and the diastolic pressure at 70. Additionally, before drinking the treated water, I often felt listless and had poor sleep quality. My vision was blurred and my limbs felt weak, causing difficulties in walking. Now, my complexion has improved tremendously. My wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark spots have all faded. I also have much more energy and feel that my energy level is now comparable to young people. Before, I could only work for 3 hours a day. Now I can work from 8am to 8pm, driving continuously for more than 10 hours a day. I have to say that the changes I have experienced are beyond imagination, and I am very grateful to the company, Vibronex, for creating such a wonderful product. Furthermore, Vnex Water Energizer can also be used to treat wine and spirits to greatly enhance their taste.