Vnex Energizing Belt

There Is Motivation Because There Is Energy



Ultra-low frequency (ULF) waves refer to electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging 300 – 3000 Hz, which are at the very low end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ultra-low frequency waves will only vibrate hundreds to thousands of times per second.

Using Ultra-low frequency (ULF) waves to electro-magnetize ions into the body, Vnex Energizing Belt helps to extract the water inside the wall of the blood vessels (called “humidity” in Traditional Chinese medicine) through agitation and excretes the water via the sweat glands and , hence, promotes the dilatation of blood vessels to improve blood circulation. An example of this can be seen in the recovery of diabetic nephropathy patients, wherein the dilated capillaries of the glomeruli in the kidney recover its filtration function.


Strengthen urination function: Relax the capillaries in the kidneys to restore the function of the connected glomeruli and strengthen the urination function.

Strengthen the detoxification function of the liver: Accelerate the process of the liver’s production of protein and bile to help strengthen the detoxification function of the liver.

Prevent inflammation: Increase the permeability of blood vessels to improve the “scavenger” function of macrophages, remove necrotic cells and other waste materials from the body, and achieve anti-inflammatory effects.


Product Specifications

Product Name Vnex Energizing Belt
Model WB-0001
Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Input 12.6V/1.0A
Rated Capacity 12.6w
Net Weight 0.96kg