Vnex Mini Water Energizer

Now you can drink “live water” in office or at home



Portable and mini water energizer for Ultra-low Frequency (ULF) waves treatment on a cup of drinking water any where.  You can drink “live water” in office or at home.

When water is treated, its molecular clusters become excited and gain more ions, which will dissipate into the body to enhance metabolism, helping illness recovery and maintain health and wellness.

Non-metallic container is required, for example, using ceramic cups, plastic cups or glasses is appropriate, and you are recommended to treat a 250ml glass of water by 15 minutes each time.  The product will automatically stop after 15 minutes.


Product Specifications

Product name Vnex Mini Water Energizer
Model MN-0001
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Rated Input 5V
Rated Power 2.5W
Dimension 60.7mm(L) x 60.7mm(W) x 14.3mm(H)
Net Weight 55g