Vnex Water Energizer

Improve your health through drinking water



Vnex Water Energizer is a household appliance that uses Ultra-low frequency (ULF) waves to electro-magnetize ions into water.

ULF waves refer to electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging 300 – 3000 Hz, which are at the very low end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ultra-low frequency waves will only vibrate hundreds to thousands of times per second.

When water is treated with Vnex Water Energizer, its molecular clusters become excited and gain more ions. This water is called “live water”. The vibrational energy released by the water molecular clusters will dissipate into the body to enhance metabolism, creating new cells and tissues. Moreover, this energy will not be converted into fat.


  • Electro-magnetic ions into drinking water
  • Suitable for family and pets drinking
  • Up to 5KG of water can be treated at once


Product Specifications

 Product name Vnex Water Energizer
 Power supply 220-240V ~ 50 Hz
 Dimension 330mm (L) x 212mm (W) x 58mm (H)
 Weight 3.0kg
 Maximum wattage 18W