Mr. Foo Onn Fah, founded Vibronex Biotechnology group of companies. As president of the company, he leads all ultra-low frequency (ULF) waves product design and engineering, R&D, marketing and business development. Committed to environmental protection and health management, he always stays true to his mission, empowers, motivates and inspires people to live healthily and happily. Since the company’s inception in 2015, Vibronex aims to help people harness benefits from ULF waves products, namely Vnex, and improve their general health and wellness.

Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic, he co-founded Ecospec Global Technology Pte Limited in Singapore in 2001, a multinational company that sells non-chemical water treatment equipment and specializes in ULF waves technology for environmental protection applications, mainly used for water and energy saving. The company, which is the Singapore government recognized authoritative circulating water treatment agency, has a strong and efficient Research team and advanced R&D centre, and in close cooperation with National University of Singapore (NUS).

Its products include cooling or boiler water treatment, corrosion control, ballast and reservoir water biological treatment, hydrocarbon treatment, emission control, and so forth. The company has more than 30 patent applications or internationally authorized environmental technology inventions, which has won numerous awards worldwide.

Mr. Foo has done business in Greater China since 1987, and established Neonlite Hong Kong in 1992, with its brand, MEGAMAN®, which is currently sold in more than 90 countries worldwide; and is known as one of the major lighting brands in the world.

He is an honorary citizen of Xiamen City and was also the Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs.