Vibronex Biotechnology (Vibronex) helps people to improve and maintain their health and general wellness by its Ultra-low Frequency (ULF) waves products.  Our products, namely Vnex, does bring the nature into people’s homes and promote health and wellness in a physical solution.  They are:

ULF waves exist at the very low end of the electromagnetic spectrum with frequencies ranging from 300 to 3,000 Hz. ULF waves help generate and increase the vibrational energy released from molecular clusters of water molecules, which is passed into the body, increasing metabolism, achieving good health.  

Human body needs electric ions. They are essential components for metabolism of cells, transmission of signals in nervous system, and generation of brain waves, etc.  Electric ions generated by ULF waves support normal functioning and wellness of the body.

The energy from ULF waves is readily abundant in nature.  Dense forests produce a large amount of refreshing primary oxygen ions from the photosynthesis of trees. Rivers flowing down from upstream produce abundant electric ions in water due to collision with rocks along the way.   Hence, for ages, live water irrigates fields and nourishes people living on land.  However, hectic city lives make people away from the nature most of the time.  So our company develops Vnex products to bring back nature living to people via equipment.

Since 2003, we have been using this technology in water treatment for industrial fields.  Starting from 2015, we have developed health products by adopting the same technology and strive to help more people to relieve from suffering illness.  A number of customers gave us testimonials about their improvement or recovery on their illness, including relieve from pain, better sleeping quality, walk normally, and better eyesight, and so forth.  Regarding many possible causes of illnesses, treatments should not be delayed or terminated abruptly without consulting doctors when using our ULF waves products.

Currently, our products are designed and developed in Singapore, and manufactured in Xiamen, China.  Vibronex’s products are currently available in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We strive for excellence to bring ULF waves benefits to more people around the globe.

Vnex Principles

Power of Ultra-low Frequency (ULF) Waves

When water is treated by application of ULF waves, its molecular clusters become excited and gain more ions, which will generate energy into the body to enhance metabolism, helping illness recovery and achieving health and wellness. 

Ultra-low frequency (ULF) waves exist at the very low end of the electromagnetic spectrum with frequencies ranging from 300 to 3,000 Hz, that only vibrate hundreds to thousands of times per second.  ULF waves technology is proved to be safe and effective by a number of medical research reports whereas one of those patented applications of ULF waves is filed by NASA in 2002.

Water, its chemical formula H2O, means that one molecule of water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  Oxygen has a higher electronegativity than hydrogen, the side of the molecule with the oxygen atom has a partial negative charge, and can hold energy, rather like a battery. 

ULF waves vibrate accelerating gather of negative ions (atom or molecule with extra eletrons), generating energy, at the same time, dissipating those positive ions (insufficient electrons status: separating atoms or molecules carrying positive electric charge).  It then creates rooms facilitating energy saving in water.

Vnex enhances the way we eat and drink. The power of Vnex will allow you to increase your metabolism for a healthier way of life. Designed and developed in Singapore, Vnex is certified for quality and safety.

Click here for details: An application patent was filed on 7 Sept 2017

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