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The Way You Eat And Drink

Vnex was created to enhance the way we eat and drink. The power of Vnex will allow you to increase your metabolism for a healthier way of life.


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Designed For Life

Designed and developed in Singapore, Vnex is the culmination of years of research to bring bio-technology to homes all over the world.

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Ultra Low Frequencies
For Ultra Effectiveness

Vnex uses the power of Utra Low Frequencies to enhance and instill energy into your food and drinks to achieve a higher rate of metabolism and healthier consumption.


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Vnex generates ULF electromagnetic wave. When you use Vnex to treat water, ULF electromagnetic wave energy is imparted from Vnex to the water directly and stored in the water. This is similar to the process of using a hot plate to heat up water; heat energy is generated in the hot plate and transferred to the water. When water that has been treated by ULF is consumed, the ULF energy in the water will be transferred to your body, providing you with the energy needed for metabolism.

The energy transfer from water to the body takes place immediately. However, responses to health issues and the time needed to see such responses vary from person to person. Feedback from users show it generally takes a month or more to see responses to specific health issues but there are also some who experience improvement to their health in less than a month. Please note that Vnex is not meant to replace medical treatments. Instead, Vnex helps to facilitate improvements to health and this is expected to be a gradual process. Users should observe proper diets and exercise regularly to reap the most benefits from using Vnex.

It should be noted that many factors such as diet, exercise, stress levels, can affect a person’s metabolism. In making any comparisons, it is important that these parameters be held constant. An improved metabolism process in your body translates to a healthier body. The effect of using Vnex is similar to exercising to improve health. Generally, a better state of health can be measured by blood tests, Body Mass Index and Metabolic rate measurement machines, to name a few. Microscopic examination of skin conditions may also reveal the body’s metabolism condition directly. However, there are many other health conditions and parameters related to metabolism which are not directly measurable.
Children are in the stage of growth and usually have high metabolism rates. While there are no adverse side effects for children, offering water that has been treated by Vnex to children is akin to making the children exercise to further enhance their metabolic rate, which is already high and hence the effects may not be apparent. It is however not advisable to offer treated water to children who are already hyperactive as this will enhance their metabolism and activity levels further.
It is important to remember that the effects of using Vnex is similar to the effects of exercising. If a person exercises for a period of time, say a few months, he/she will find that he/she will have better stamina, be less susceptible to common illnesses like flu attacks, and experience better digestion, better sleep, better body mass ratio etc. These similar effects can be expected from a person who has been using Vnex for a period of time, coupled with proper diet and regular exercise.
It should be noted that Vnex is not intended for use as a medical treatment machine. If you have severe pain, it is best you consult a doctor to find the root cause. In cases where pain relief can be improved by better metabolism (such as tissue regeneration), using Vnex for a period of time will help to relief these pains. Some users have also experienced pain relief due to better sleep quality as a result of using Vnex.
It should be noted that Vnex is not intended for use as a medical treatment machine. If the reason for the skin pigmentation problem is due to poor metabolism, use of Vnex will be able to help. Some users have experienced lightening of skin pigmentation issues like freckles and dark spots and fairer complexion after using Vnex for a period of time.
There are too many reasons that could cause skin allergy and it is important to see a doctor to find the root cause. If the skin allergy is due to the poor metabolism of the body organ, then Vnex may help.
It is important to consult the doctor to determine the root cause of stomach problems. However, we do know that many stomach problems are due to poor metabolism of the stomach or digestive system. In such cases, using Vnex for a period of time will help to alleviate such stomach problems as it enhances metabolism of the stomach or digestive system
Fats in the body are usually accumulated from excess food intake, lack of exercise, and a low metabolic rate resulting in excess energy being stored as fats. If a person has good metabolism, he/she will tend to be physically more active and consume more energy, thereby reducing fat accumulation in the body. It is also important to observe a proper diet and regular exercise to stress the muscles and stimulate tissue growth.
Passing out gas is normal for any healthy person. A person with good metabolism tends to digest food better and faster. Should the food intake produce gas in the digestion process, a better digestive metabolism process will also produce more gas
Staying awake at night can be very different from insomnia, which is a health disorder. If a person consumes water that has been treated with Vnex late at night, the energy imparted from the ULF wave to the water is still at a high level and may keep a person awake. This should not be confused with an illness or health disorder. It is simply a sign of too much energy left in the body. This is similar to giving children sugary food before bedtime, and keeping them awake all night. For this reason, it is best to consume water that has been treated by Vnex earlier in the day. Insomnia, on the other hand, is a health disorder. If this health disorder is a result of poor metabolism, consumption of water that has been treated by Vnex will help.
Poor or low metabolism can result in various problems and may affect people differently. Thus, improving the metabolism rate can have different effects on different people. Users of Vnex have experienced many different benefits, ranging from better complexion, lightening of spots and freckles, better sleep, more energy, lesser aches and pains in joints, feeling less fatigue and fewer stomach discomforts.

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